Broad Based Technology Consulting

Every business needs a Technology Utilization Plan, whether the business is home-based or involves multi-state offices.  Oak Financial's technology specialist has years of experience in working with the business owner to ensure that current technology is utilized most effectively and that the technology is obtained with the least amount of cost to the business owner.  Oak Financial's technology specialist will serve as your consultant and adviser in determining your needs and then will shop the technology market place to obtain multiple proposals for consideration. Choosing the wrong cell phone plan, networking solution, computers, copiers or software can adversely affect your business for years to come.  Do not make the mistake of listening to vendors who may have the best interest of your business at hand.  Let Oak Financial's technology specialist guide you through this difficult, but necessary aspect of today's business environment. 


- Serve as the Liaison with all Technology Vendors.

- Provide Training on Administrative Software to Client Staff.

- Develop a Cohesive Technology Budget in Conjunction with the Financial Budget.

- Identify the Technology Needs of the Business.

- Prepare Proposals for Hardware and Software Renewals and Upgrades.

- Evaluate the Benefits and Draw Backs to Each Solution in the Market Place.