Payroll Processing

Oak Financial's Payroll Services combine the use of payroll software and real-time help from payroll specialists who are available to answer any questions that you may have.  Oak Financial's Payroll Specialist can schedule a time to meet with your office personnel to create a payroll system or to improve your existing payroll system to ensure that your payroll is done correctly and with the least amount of incidental costs to the employer.   

- Issue Payroll Checks.

- Perform State and Federal Withholding Including Tax Deposits.

- W-2 Processing.

- Pre-tax Benefit Withholding.

- Assorted Post-tax Deductions.

- 1099 Processing.

​- Process Direct Deposit of Payroll Funds.

- Prepare Detailed Payroll Reports.

​- Quarterly Tax Reports and Payments.

- Wage Garnishments.

- Year-End Tax Reports.

- Electronically file W-2 forms at year-end.