New Business Start up Services

Entrepreneurs are typically creative, strategic and forward thinking.  They focus daily on the big picture and how best to accomplish what typically has not been accomplished before. Unfortunately, without the background, interest or time to commit to the necessary tasks of starting a business, the entrepreneur remains just another person with good ideas.  Let the start-up specialists at Oak Financial work with you and identify and accomplish all the tasks necessary to start up and successfully begin your new business. 

- Create and Develop a Business Financial Plan.

- Work with the Entrepreneur and Create Budgets and Revenue Forecasts.

- Perform the Chief Financial Officer Functions as Intermediary with Your Financial Institution.

- Serve as Intermediary with Potential Landlords for Lease Negotiation and Office, Manufacturing or Storage Space.

- Initiate Relationships with Vendors for Technology, Furnishings, Internet and Telephone Services.

- Prepare Applicable Documents to Secure Rights To Operate at the Local, State and Federal level.

- Initiate Relationships with Insurance Agents or Brokers for Appropriate Administrative Insurance Coverages.  

- Establish Relationships with Vendors for all Daily Operation Expenses.

- Draft Job Descriptions Appropriate for the Business.  

- Prepare Recommendations for Appropriate Staffing Methods.

- Prepare Advertisements for Candidates for Open Positions.

- Screen Interested Candidates and Perform Initial Interviews.

- Utilize Existing Legal Professional Relationships to Obtain Cost-Effective Representation.  

- Research and Draft Proposal for Core and Administrative Needs.  Negotiate Pricing of Same. 

- Oversee and Manage the Installation of Hardware, Software, Furniture and Technology.

- Oversee and Coordinate any Build Out Necessary for the Business.

- Draft Operational Procedures to Ensure Success at all Levels and with all Stakeholders.  

- Perform as the Intermediary with Media Outlets to Inform the Community of Your Business