Management Services for Existing Businesses

Managing the needs of employees is a time consuming aspect of any business.  Oak Financial can perform the functions and responsibilities of an employee benefit coordinator or human resources manager on an "as needed" basis.  Oak Financial's management specialist will sit down with the business owner to review current benefits and then assist in modifying the package to achieve the goals of the business in regard to attracting and retaining the very best employees possible.  Shopping the benefits and insurance market place is a function that Oak Financial can perform for your business.  Oak Financial can ensure that proper compliance and reporting under the ACA and other benefit laws and regulations occurs.

Most small businesses cannot afford a full time human resources manager to perform the duties involved with hiring, evaluating and terminating employees. Let Oak Financial's management specialist assist you in developing and implementing a comprehensive human resources program.


- Maintain Appropriate Relationships with Vendors.

- Serve as Liaison with Insurance Agent and Brokers.

- Draft Job Descriptions Based on Business Needs.

- Administer Employee Benefit Programs. 

- Draft Operational Procedures.

- Research and Propose Appropriate Benefit Packages.

- Prepare Necessary Documents for the Employment of Others (State and Federal).

- Serve as the Day to Day Human Resources Manager.

- Develop and Administer and Effective Employee Review Process.


- Prepare Advertisements and Administer the Hiring of Qualified Employees. 

​- Track and Report Employee Attendance, Vacation and Leaves of Absence.